#1 Roads that look like race tracks

Day 15 of advent! A well known social media site just told me that two years ago I was snoozing on the sofa by the Christmas tree and an open fire. Won’t pretend that I wouldn’t love a snooze on a sofa sometime soon but we are having an amazing time exploring Rome. This category had a clear winner, still the best day of cycling of the trip, partly because in the cold weather preceding it seems so unlikely we would be able to complete the ride. Would thoroughly recommend this ride – when it’s not snowy you can even do the very top section on a cycle route. Loved the Gotthard Pass! Well done Switzerland, thanks for clearing the snow for us!


Spot tiny debs on the scalectrix road
Spot tiny debs on the scalectrix road



#5 Roads that look like race tracks

Day 11 of advent and things are definitely Christmas-ing up here in Italy. We have seen lots of Christmas lights and Annunciation Day fireworks on the 8th December in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast. It’s also time to start a new top five. This one will feature some of the crazy roads we have ridden, though many of them are too hilly to be actual race tracks they definitely look the part (especially on Google Earth).

The first entry is from the Italian Appenines. We weren’t really expecting this mountain range between Bari and Napoli but can confirm that it is very hilly indeed. This climb is near Tolve, and took us from 300m to over 800m.