#5 & #4 Picnic Spots

This is the online equivalent of forgetting to open your advent calendar for a day. Sadly you don’t get any chocolate, but the first two in our top five of picnic spots. Both of these were on the same day, possibly we remember it so fondly because it was the first day for ages it wasn’t freezing cold back in October. On this day we crossed the Swiss/German border several times, but both of these treats were in Switzerland. Lunch on a bridge over the Rhine, morning tea stop at the Rheinfall…


#1 Traffic free cycle routes

The winning entry is the Slovenian section of the Parenzana cycle route. This is a converted train line that goes from Trieste to Porec. Some of it was easier to follow than other bits – the start was particularly evasive but several locals helped us out. The path in Slovenia had tunnels, pretty farm land and a great stretch of coast. Fab cycling, and a great recommendation from Francesco and Giulia – Thanks!


#2 Traffic Free Cycle Routes

December 4th – Friday feeling or late night shopping?

#2 on our list is the Saar cycle way in Germany. There’s a great horseshoe bend for river photography and in our experience it is always sunny there. Only go as far as Saarbrucken though, not at all pretty there.

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