Top Five Christmas Lights

The final Top Five of advent had a surprisingly high number of candidates. If we had been able to see Salerno at night the many statues with fairy lights might have made it a challenge for top spot. Here are five of our faves, mostly Italian as that is where we have been in December…

#5 Durres, Albania

The first Christmas tree we saw, along with these lit up trees. A tropical sensation.


#4 Florence, Italy

Impressive without lights, Florence was lovely to wander around in the evening with Christmas lights (and sandwiches bigger than our heads).


#3 Maiori, Italy

This small town on the Amalfi Coast had great lights and an awesome firework display for the Annuciation Day celebrations on the 8th December.


#2 Rome

Rome had big Christmas by the biggest of it’s fancy buildings and great fairy lights on the pedestrian streets. If the tree with the baubles arranged in a rainbow pattern at St. Peter’s had had the lights switched on it may have been the winner.


#1 Matera, Italy

How could Matera lose when the night we arrived the whole town had been transformed into the world’s biggest (their description) nativity?! Amazing town, lots of people dressed up, strategic candles and great snacks. The photo doesn’t do it justice…



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